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Traditional Georgian House rendered in hydraulic lime Natural hydraulic lime NHL3.5by Secil Hanson NHL2 a natural hydraulic lime Pointing with an hydraulic lime NHL5 by Secil, a natural hydraulic lime that can be used for limecrete etc

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Their are lots of different types of lime that can be used for building work. The different types of lime can be very confusing for inexperienced builders or home owners. With lime putty, hydraulic lime, natural hydraulic lime, NHL2, NHL3.5, NHL5 and formulated lime, there are lots of potential choices to make.

We have set out to de-mistify the topic and to give people new to the use of lime the necessary guidance to make the right choices, select the correct sands and how to mix the products.

Click on the text at the top of the page to obtain explanations and all the background information you are likely to need about hydraulic and other limes under FAQs, the cost of NHL and far more information and products for traditional buildings along with prices and how to purchase them, on our main website.
Please e-mail us or call the office if you require further information or would like to purchase materials.

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